Hearing Protection

Hearing Protection

Have you ever thought about protecting your ears at the workplace? Not yet? Often, we don’t think about the ill-effects of workplace noises, specially at construction and mining sites.

Hearing Protection Equipment

As it’s been said before, prevention is always better than cure. The damaging effects of the noise can be removed by using our wide range of hearing protection equipment. Check our latest hear protection equipment at Entire Work Wear. We have a wide range of options available here, so you can  choose the best hearing equipment for your needs. You will always find the latest hearing protection available at Entire Workwear. Browse our website for a wide range of ear muffs, ear plugs, branded head bands and brow guards. We have it all.

Our Hearing Safety Products

Our hearing protection products will provide you appropriate comfort, protection and ease of use. We've got a lot of options available for you. Some of the options for available products are:

Noise Attenuating Ear Plugs

These are the custom made ear plugs that will fit to your ear and you can set a noise level customisable to suit your needs. All of our Pro Choice branded ear plugs comes at competitive prices. They're the perfect tool for the workman on the go, fitting into your pocket for easy transport, and hearing protection whenever and wherever you need it. 

Reliable Ear Muffs

This is the best choice for any kind of loud noise. Ear muffs generally provide high levels of noise dampening, and will give you a distraction and headache free experience at work.