Now there’s a Mongrel that fits what you do

No one boot style is right for the wide range of work situations. That’s why Mongrel Boots have created a number of special purpose ranges with an even wider range of styles, to create boots that meet the special needs of our wearers.

Whichever range or style you choose, you are assured the latest technology plus individual features to enhance the boots ability to perform in your particular industry.

If you’re in the mining industry, or working in really tough environments, there’s our rubber soled extra spec R Series. If you need good ankle support but like many trades dealing with the general public, you need to take your boots on and off often – there’s ZipSiders. The S Series is our lightweight Sport series with an aluminium safety cap and advanced duo colour sports sole technology. If you want a basic safety boot with value for money leather uppers in rugged hide, you’ll like our Trade range – T Series. And if you don’t need steel toe-caps – there is the N Series and SE Series, our non-safety protective ranges.

We’ve also matched a whole new range of innersoles under the brand name OrthoTec. Now OrthoTec combined with your choice from the Mongrels range will result in the perfect boot for you, your feet and the job you do


Roller Sole technology


Mongrels Roller Sole technology is featured across the entire Mongrel range. This computer aided design feature results in a specially shaped sole that creates a roller action when walking. This roller action increases comfort and safety by making the action of walking far smoother, thus lessening fatigue.

ToughSider sole protection

Tough Sider

Mongrels ToughSider sole design principles have been applied to create soles to match each of our Series’. The balance between lightness in the case of S Series and longevity in tough conditions that will need to met by our R Series have been computed to create soles with a unique ability to promote both comfort and durability.

New comfort breakthrough – OrthoTec innersoles

Quality TPU and Rubber Soles

Adding to the basic foundation of our trademark AirZone sole design is a new range of three specific innersole designs under the brand name OrthoTec. The OrthoTec range has been matched to each Mongrel series in which they are included. The styles are called – OrthoTec PU, OrthoTec Gel and OrthoTec Air.

Each OrthoTec innersole style is constructed using a foam material which with specific computer aided design allows air to circulate around the foot, keeping the wearers feet cooler and drier. Moisture reduction means less odour and harmful fungus and bacteria.


Our PU innersole features a thick soft structure matched to a design featuring interconnected air holes that assist the closed-cell foam to circulate air throughout the boot while creating extra absorbency. This style features in most of the boots across our range.


The lighter weight of our S Series range, which has been designed using sports technology including duo colour soles, has been matched with a special PU Gel innersole. This new and improved innersole features a larger gel pad to provide extra shock absorbency and increased comfort all round.

PU Air

Our value for money trade range features OrthoTec open foam PU in a deceptively simple but long wearing and comfortable design. The air blown PU assists in air circulation and moisture control. The nature of its construction also means that the innersole will maintain its shape and not flatten out significantly, even over time.

Usage Information

Mongrel Safety Boots

These Mongrel Safety Work Boots are made to Australian Standard AS/NZS 2210.3.2009 Class1* and are a basic safety boot marked category SB. The boots are certified by TUV Rhineland Australia P/L, Mongrel Safety Boots are suitable for general industrial and agricultural use. The boots will feature either a TPU/PU sole or a Nitrile Rubber PU sole which have specific usage conditions. The sole type appears on the boots and on the inner tag.


The maximum temperature in which TPU/PU soles can be used – intermittent contact up to 130°c and continuous contact up to 110°c. Chemical contact – avoid use with strong acids and alkalis >10% concentrations such as hydrochloric and sulphuric acids and caustic soda. The soles are oil resistant.

Nitrile Rubber/PU

For Nitrile Rubber/PU soles – the maximum temperature for usage range is up to 300°c. The sole is acid, oil and heat resistant.


Comfort and safety

It is essential that the boots are properly fitted for maximum comfort and safety. Of special importance is to allow room under the cap for your toes to move. Your toes should not come into contact with any part of the toe cap. You should allow around 5mm between your toes and the back of the cap. Your heel should fit neatly into the back of the boot so that when walking, your boots do not move up and down on your heel. The boot should fit comfortably around your foot.

The boots have a removable inner sole. For safety certification all testing is carried out with the inner sole in place and the boot should only be used with the inner sole in place for maximum safety – in particular shock absorption. Should the innersole need to be replaced it is important to purchase one of a similar standard.

Maximising the life of your Mongrel boots

The life of your boots is related to the working conditions to which they are exposed, frequency of use and the care you give them. For tips on how to best care for your Mongrels, please refer to our Boot Care page